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Pioneering Paths for Lasting Impact

Emmanuel Soba

Emmanuel Soba is a paradigm of entrepreneurial versatility and visionary leadership, with each of his ventures embodying a unique blend of innovation, impact, and excellence. As the managing partner at Cornerstone Multifamily Investments, Emmanuel is laying the groundwork for transformative real estate investment strategies with a keen focus on multifamily properties. His journey, however, extends beyond real estate into diverse realms where his strategic acumen and passion for positive change continue to drive success and create value.

​At Profits Unleashed Media, Emmanuel leverages his strategic consulting prowess to propel businesses forward, crafting bespoke strategies that unlock new levels of growth and efficiency. His role in A Christmas Story Family merges nostalgia with innovation, creating unique e-commerce, event, and tourism experiences that bring the beloved classic to life for new generations. Vocal Shift, a collaboration with renowned vocal coach Nick Cooper, showcases Emmanuel's commitment to empowering talent, offering a vocal coaching program that elevates aspiring singers to their peak potential. Across these ventures, Emmanuel's philosophy shines brightly: "I believe that my responsibility isn’t just the 5-6 people around me, it’s the 8 billion+ people in this world. I want to build a multi-trillion-dollar legacy that not only makes an impact now but continues to give back long after I am gone." This statement is a beacon for Cornerstone Multifamily Investments, guiding its strategy and operations with the goal of transforming communities and fostering sustainable growth. Emmanuel Soba stands at the forefront of this journey, driven by the belief that true success lies in the ability to effect meaningful change and inspire a legacy that outlives the immediate.